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Blu-Ray Review – Keijo!!!!!!!!

“To determine whether or not to invest time and money in Keijo!!!!!!!!, you need only to ask yourself if you like:

  1. Exceedingly silly and completely over-the-top sports showdowns
  2. Animated boobs
  3. Animated butts

If you consider yourself a fan of all of the above, then rejoice, because Keijo!!!!!!!! has everything you’re looking for. This series delivers insane boob-jiggling and butt-bouncing action that is so mind-numbly stupid that it comes right back around to being tons of fun, albeit the kind that will make your loved ones ask some incredibly awkward questions if they happen to stumble into the room. Director Hideya Takahashi and the rest of the crew at Studio Xebec know that Daichi Sorayomi‘s source material could never in a million years be taken seriously, so instead they lean into the ridiculousness to produce a fun and memorable action series that wouldn’t know the word shame if it was tossed at them with incredible speed by a high-powered butt-cheek.”

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Blu-Ray Review – Kiznaiver

Studio Trigger officially burst onto the TV anime scene with 2013’s popular and controversial hit, Kill la Kill. Over the past half-decade, Trigger has made a name for itself with its eclectic and energetic visual style. Compared to the company’s mainstay hits, however, Kiznaiver stands out from the pack in many ways. While the studio’s is often associated with blowing simple ideas up into stupendous visions, Kiznaiver offers a more complicated character drama that remains nuanced throughout the entirety of its twelve-episode run.

While the above plot summary might lead viewers to expect a series of escalating twists and exciting action sequences, the vast majority of Kiznaiver‘s storytelling remains rooted in its young cast’s social and romantic entanglements, less a heady science-fiction drama and more a teenage melodrama, with the Kizuna System functioning primarily as a very on the nose metaphor for the pain that comes from developing close relationships with other people. Trigger recruited the prolific Mari Okada to help compose the scenario for this series, and she brings along her style of high concept writing that has been hit-or-miss for me over the years.”

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Blu-Ray Review – Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School: Future Arc

“It’s clear that a lot of thought and care went into the final adventure of Makoto Naegi and friends, and the results mostly speak to that effort. The story’s primary fault lies with the very nature of its new Killing Game, which doesn’t allow for the murder-mystery fun that the precious games delivered. Instead of participating in whodunit mysteries and gripping trials, the Future Foundation members end up in a battle of wits and deception that moves the plot along swiftly at the expense of the goofy mystery and bizarre intrigue that made the franchise famous. A couple of sub-plots end up petering out instead of resolving in a satisfying manner, but the main story moves along so briskly that those loose threads and dead ends are a bit easier to forgive.”

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Blu-Ray Review – Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School: Despair Arc

“While I personally admire this idiosyncratic method of execution, it also means that this Blu-Ray set only makes up half the story, and releasing the Future Arc separately makes experiencing Danganronpa 3 in its intended viewing order pretty inconvenient. But it wouldn’t be Danganronpa without this kind of wild ambition. Over the years, series writer Kazutaka Kodakahas crafted a complex storyline filled with some of the most bizarre-yet-weirdly-lovable characters around. In this final curtain call for the Hope’s Peak gang, the crew at Studio Lerche obviously had a lot of fun bringing this wacky world to life. What the Despair Arc such a treat is that we get to wind things back and finally see what set the world so topsy-turvy for the first time, without the obfuscation of Monokuma’s half-truths and the general confusion caused by gleaning scraps of information in the middle of a Killing Game. Just by offering to answer some long-standing questions about how Junko Enoshima got her master plan of despairful societal collapse rolling, the Despair Arc is an exciting proposition for any fan of Danganronpa.”

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Episodic Reviews

MEGALOBOX – Episodes 1-13 [Complete]

Originally Aired: Spring 2018

MEGALOBOX fucking rules. Functionally, it’s a remake/homage of the seminal 70s boxing anime Ashita no Joe, but aesthetically it’s a supremely cool callback to the hip-hop fueled badassery of early 2000s series. It’s a very familiar story told with so much confidence and style that you can’t help but get engrossed in it’s grimy world, and I loved every single second of it.

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