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After War: Gundam X – DVD Review

I got to review both volumes of After War: Gundam X for Shelf Life on ANN. Check out the full writeups below!

“I enjoyed my time spent with Gundam X, even if the show took its sweet time getting on my good side. It’s hardly without flaws, and it’s never quite as smart or compelling as it wants to be, but the series ends up doing a fine job in spite of itself. I can’t give it my fullest endorsement, since so much of this show’s quality is dependent on the viewer’s patience and tolerance for cheap-looking animation, not to mention a heaping helping of 90s flavored cheese.” Continue reading “After War: Gundam X – DVD Review”

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Taboo Tattoo – Episodes 5-8

My reviews for Episodes 5-8 of Taboo Tattoo are up on Anime News Network. For my full thoughts, check out the links below!

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

I won’t lie to you, ladies and gentlemen.┬áThis show has absolutely gone to hell.

It’s a damned shame too, because it started out with a lot of promise. It was an overplayed setup, of course, and its potential was always limited, but TT’s first few episodes showed a lot of potential. This could have been 2016’s “Enjoyably Stupid Popcorn Action Series”. There are worse labels to get stuck with, after all.

One such label would be “Most Embarassing Descent into Gibberish”, which Taboo Tattoo is apparently gunning for, and with gusto. Continue reading “Taboo Tattoo – Episodes 5-8”