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DVD Review – Kingdom (Season 1)

My review for Kingdom Season 1 is up on ANN!

Studio Pierrot‘s Kingdom is an adaptation of Yasuhisa Hara‘s manga of the same name, which has been running in Shonen Jump for the last decade. Following the lives of key figures from China’s Warring States period, Kingdom incorporates the broad strokes of documented history and blends them into a canvas of familiar, if well executed shonen tropes. In this way it almost feels like the anime equivalent of 300. It uses the flavor of ancient politics and warfare rooted in real history as a draw, without ever worrying about things like realism or accuracy bogging down the storytelling. Does Kingdom live up to the epic history it aspires to mythologize? Well, that depends.”

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ANN Shelf Life – Kingdom Season 1

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Blu-Ray Review – Terror in Resonance

My review for Terror in Resonance is up on ANN!

“Reviewing Terror in Resonance was a very exciting proposition for me because I knew almost absolutely nothing about it. Though the amount of shows I end up keeping up with on a regular basis every year is fairly concentrated, I spend enough time with my face buried in wikis and review sites that I almost always know the main details of most of the shows I’m not watching. Terror in Resonance did not have this problem to worry about. Outside of knowing it was the latest work from famed director Shinichiro Watanabe (of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo fame), the only background info I had about this anime going in was that it focused on the subject of terrorism in modern-day Japan. Somehow or another Terror in Resonance slipped underneath my all-too-curious radar back in 2014, and am I ever glad it did, because not knowing what to expect helped me enjoy this series even more than I otherwise would have.”

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ANN Shelf Life – Terror in Resonance

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Blu-Ray Review – When They Cry (Season 1)

My review for When They Cry Season 1 is up on ANN!

“Keiichi Maebara is a normal teenaged boy adjusting to his new life in the sleepy country town of Hinamizawa. Though he’s a newcomer to the reclusive and storied old village, he quickly finds himself befriended by a gaggle of local girls, all of them quite eager to welcome him into their group as a friend. Joined by the plucky Rena, the headstrong Mion, and the adorable young pair of Rika and Satoko, our protagonist finds himself enjoying a carefree, lackadaisical life. That all changes once he hears murmurs of the gruesome deaths that stain Hinamizawa’s past. As Keichi investigates the series of dismemberments and disappearances attributed to a curse laid on the town by its patron deity, he begins to get the feeling that he’s being followed. Before too long, Keichi is convinced that at least one of his new friends might be out for his blood. Or maybe they all are.”

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ANN Shelf Life – When They Cry: Season 1

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DVD Review – Turn A Gundam – The Movies

My review of the Turn A Gundam films is up on ANN!

“Few franchises in anime have as storied and significant a history as Gundam, and Turn A Gundam is a series that seems to be pretty universally recognized as one of the top tier shows that the brand has to offer. When I popped in the first disc of the two-film Turn A Gundam set, however, I admit I was more than a little hesitant. These two movies, Earth Light and Moon Butterfly, are compilation films, one of the most inconsistent genres in anime when it comes to quality. While there have been some that I’ve enjoyed, such as those produced for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, most series compilation movies have left me rather ambivalent; carving twenty to fifty episodes of material into a couple of two-hour-long films is no easy feat, after all. WithTurn A Gundam running fifty episodes, could I expect the quality of the series to be represented when condensed into only 260 minutes?”

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ANN Shelf Life – Turn A Gundam: The Movies